Individuals can build a company, but in order to succeed, you need a team whose members believe in each other. We enjoy working together – we trust each other’s expertise and many years of experience.
Without our team members, DynaGo would not be the same.

We are looking for team members.

Why choose DynaGo?

In short, we are a professional, dedicated, fun and cohesive team.

In more detail: We all know each other well. We celebrate each other’s work achievements and personal success together. Human values are recognized and highly appreciated at this company. We put real time and effort into maintaining a good work atmosphere.

Join us and find out for yourself what it’s like to be part of the DynaGo community.

Our core values

Respect and cooperation

We look out for and rely on each other. We are a supportive, close-knit and inspiring team, and we value and recognize each other’s expertise and efforts.
We celebrate every birthday because everyone is equally valuable and important to us.


We strive to deliver perfect quality, and our professionals’ reliable knowledge is a guarantee for this. The varied projects and tasks provide us with ample opportunity for professional and personal development. The key to our success is that we know what we are doing, and we love doing it.

Work and private life

We do our best to take individual needs into account. Home Office is an option, but we also like to see each other in the office. As a stable workplace, we offer our coworkers flexible and predictable workdays, but having lunch together in the office is a must!

„This is my first workplace where I truly feel very comfortable, both personally and professionally.”

„The management is supportive, and any problems that arise (whether professional or personal) are dealt with in a constructive and flexible way, which allows them to be solved more quickly and efficiently. It’s a cliché, but it’s true: we are a community with good vibes 😊” – Enikő

„I’m proud to be a part of this team and as an HR person, I’m proud to introduce DynaGo to candidates.
During their personal interviews, I love the moment they realize that such a great company actually exists! New coworkers will also find it very easy to join because the team is very inclusive and is made up of likeable individuals.
😊 – Dóri

„I’ve only just started working at DynaGo, but thanks to my coworkers, it was easy to settle in and I felt like I’m part of the team almost immediately. My tasks are varied, interesting and challenging, so I can keep growing professionally.
I appreciate the fact that we are given the opportunity to solve challenges as we see fit, and we can always ask for help as well if we need it.” – Lajos

„It’s a difficult question because all the details are sound: the work environment, coworkers, managers, the informality, the casual atmosphere, the professionalism, time management, and flexibility. But perhaps the best thing is that although all the ‘modern’ innovations that are important and trendy for a leading company (agility, reaction time, expertise, meetings, paperless management) are in place, nothing is overdone.” – Sanyi

„Dynago always has exciting challenges in store for everyone.
And if the challenge is larger, we’ll jump in as a team to solve it!”– Réka

„I’ve always considered this team as a second family.
I feel that I’m at the right place, both professionally and personally.” – Balázs

„I feel that the management is always honest with us at this company. They inform us accurately about what’s going on with the company, and what important changes are taking place. If it’s about something that concerns us, they ask for our opinion and they even listen to it. My coworkers help me with everything; I can count on them, and I feel that they can count on me, too.” – Barbi

  • You’re dedicated: Love WHAT you do, and we will make sure that you’ll love WHERE you do it.
  • You’re a team player: If you have questions, feel free to ask. Help those who ask you for help. Support the team because the team is there to support you.
  • You have a positive mentality: We don’t expect you to always be in a good mood, but if you let us, we will cheer you up… it’s all up to your attitude! 😊

Open positions

Financial Consultant

We are looking for a professional partner for CFOs, accountants and controllers to assist in the design and deployment of the financial module during system implementation.

Logistics Consultant

We are looking for a coworker in the field of warehouse management, procurement, and sales and production, to be involved in the implementation of the logistics module of the ERP system.

Senior Developer

We create flexible solutions for our clients by developing products that meet their specific needs, and we are looking for a new coworker with senior experience to help us with this goal.

Project Manager

We are looking for a Project Manager who has gained professional experience in ERP projects and would like to represent our company to our clients.

To apply, please send your CV to with the position title and we will contact you shortly.