Providing and operating high quality support after completion of implementation projects is an important element of Dynago’s philosophy. We firmly believe that clients purchase an ERP system for a minimum of 5-10 years and that a good relationship does not end with the completion of the implementation project. That is in fact the start of the support phase, which ensures that our clients can rely on the long-term fault-free operation of their system. To this end, our dedicated Support Team provides service under a support contract that may include SLA levels and is tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Basic support service

Regular maintenance and ongoing support is the key to ensuring sufficient operation of an ERP system (or any system) and therefore client satisfaction. We at Dynago believe that the value and importance of this service is equivalent to that of a successful implementation project, so a dedicated support team is assigned to the task of keeping your system up to date and fixing any bugs that may arise. Sometimes, the use of the system may naturally reveal the necessity for an element that the client didn’t consider during the implementation project or which couldn’t have been implemented due to lack of time or resources. The support phase also offers opportunity to carry out these tasks to develop minor custom improvements.

Up-to-date version tracking

The latest available versions of new ERP systems (MS Dynamics Business Central) are published twice a year, allowing our clients, through the purchase of the new development platform and tracking services, to keep using the latest versions, which increases security and productivity. In the case of previous ERP systems (MS Dynamics Navision), version upgrades were time- and money-consuming for clients, and we found on many occasions that their productive system was operated on a platform 3-4 versions older. This is much easier with Business Central, especially in the case of using the cloud solution (SaaS). Dynago’s update service helps to ensure that the latest version is available for the client’s productive system with minimal cost and downtime.

Complexity service

It’s possible that specific elements based on client requirements are developed and set up in a system during ERP implementation, and these elements are just as important for the client to track and keep up to date as the basic system itself. We undertake to keep these specific elements up to date during the support phase as part of our Complexity Service, should a system upgrade or changes in the legal or regulatory environment require it.